Dezful Old Bridge

Also known as: Old Bridge of Dezful

Located in the south west of Iran, Dezful is one of the ancient cities of Khuzestan province. Although there are lots of stories behind this historical city, the most brilliant era of its history dates back to Sassanid Empire. King Shapur I ordered the building of Dezful Bridge (today known as Dezful old bridge). Iranians used the help of Roman prisoners  of battle of Edessa. Being in use for more than 1700 years, this bridge is the oldest standing one in the world. Dez River passes through the city, so the main performance of the bridge is to connect western and eastern regions. Actually it was a main path from Gundeshapur to Mesopotamia. The current monument belongs to three historical periods, Sassanid, Safavid and Pahlavi dynasties. The last two have renovated Dezful bridge and contributed somehow with their own contemporary architectural style. This magnificent structure once called as Roman Bridge, has 14 arches for passing the water through which is made of mortar and limestone.

If you pass to the west side of the bridge, you can see a collection of old watermills. These watermills are among the world's oldest irrigation systems with a historical background of 15 centuries. The river flow was used to drive millstones to grind wheat and provide flour. More than 50 working watermills have been located in different parts of Dez River in Safavid era. However seasonal floods have destroyed some parts of them over time. But travelers can still see how these wheels move like before in Dezful water.

Visiting Dezful Old Bridge is not just about having the chance to step on a handmade masterpiece by Roman captives or discovering how ancient watermills were working, you can also enjoy a delicious southern food in a beach restaurant near the bridge. You may never forget the warmth of the sunset over a bridge built by civilizations of Persia and Rome.

While in Khuzestan to visit Old Bridge of Dezful, you can also visit Shush (the ancient Susa) and pay a visit to Shush Castle, Apadana Castle of the Achaemenid Empire, the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage monument of Chogha Zanbil ziggurat, Haft Tappeh or Seven Mounds ancient site, and also the Historical Hydraulic System of Shushtar, you can either go by yourself or with the Fabulous Zagros Tour.

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