Deh Namak Village

Also known as: Deh-e Namak Village, Dehnamak Village

Desert wonder and sustainable energy

Southern skirts of Alborz Mountains, one day in a horribly hot summer, few centuries ago, and naughty boys are diving in the small pool closed to a watermill in Deh Namak Village in the heart of desert.
It is amazing...! A very narrow but high pressure flow of water from this pool is pushing the blades down, spinning the public mill of the village…You see!? Green energy is not a new issue in Iran.

Who have been there and what is their story about Deh Namak?  

John Fryer, professor of oriental languages, Albert Houtom Schindler, German engineer, Henry Rene D’allemagne, French globetrotter, all have visited Deh Namak Village and written about it.
Here is John Fryer’s story about the Ice house of Deh Namak.
Water coming down from mountains were stored in shallow pools to freeze and then broken into pieces to be stored behind thick high walls made of clay and straw till merciless summer comes back!  Drinking cold water and enjoying heavenly pleasant breeze blowing from this natural freezer channelized to the lower floor or basement of houses was something unforgettable.

Countless stars and amazing beauty of the glorious galaxy in the desert

There is also an architectural masterpiece of Safavid dynasty era named Karvansara still used for accommodation of star gazing group tours, students groups and local and foreign astronomers.
Schindler the German engineer working in telegraph wiring project in Iran in Qajar era has written about”… a good carevanserai, 24 rooms (hojreh) and a large stable… well equipped..”
Come over and admire the desert dwellers and their solutions to survive in this harsh and rough environment…

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