Dasht-e Naz Nature Reserve

Also known as: Naz Plain, Naz Weald

Located northeast of Sari, Mazandaran Province, Dasht-e Naz Nature Reserve created in 1967 is the main reintroduction center of Persian fallow deer, a rare species of deer in the world. A favorite site for nature and wildlife lovers, the reserve is in a mountainous area covered with Hyrcanian Forests with more than 447 plant species. 
Hornbeam, beech, alder, Persian ironwood (Parrotia persica), Caspian locust, jungle cat, roe deer, red deer and pheasants are among the other plant and animal species found in the area.


Where is Dasht-e Naz?

 Dasht-e Naz Nature Reserve, a 0.55 km2 area, is 30 km northeast of Mazandaran’s provincial capital, Sari. To get to Dasht-e Naz, take the main road of Siahkalrood-Mazandaran to the east, driving 10 km you reach Azadegan crossroad- also named Se-Rah EslamAbad- and turn left to Goharbaran Road, passing about 20 more kilometers you reach Dasht-e Naz.


Good to know about Dasht-e Naz 

You can visit the reserve all year round except for the time when the deer give birth in spring. Protected in a closed area, visitors can watch these rare kind through fences. To visit the protected area, necessary permits must be obtained from Department of Environment of Sari. Aside from watching animal species, the reserve itself with its Hyrcanian Forest is a good place to enjoy your time. 

Nearby Attractions 

Semeskande Nature Reserve and Caspian Sea are the nearest attractions to Dasht-e Naz, but Miankaleh peninsula (also a Wildlife Sanctuary), Badab-e Surt and Churt Lake are among the other attractions not far from Sari that you can visit during your stay. Also Sari’s International Airport is in vicinity of the reserve.
Although there are no restaurant or hotel in the reserve, you can find good ones in Sari which is about 30 minutes away. 

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