Popular hiking trail

Darband is seen as the most popular hiking trail in Tehran. The mountainous area is located in the northern part of the Iranian capital and leads to the 3,933 meter Mount Tochal.


Summer Resort

In a hot summer day, the resort can be an ideal oasis far from the clamor of the city. The hiking trail passes through Darband neighborhood, dotted with a host of cafes and restaurants built beside the Darband River, serving almost everything from food and fruit juice to tea and hooka. Those who are not into mountain climbing can seek solace at one of the hooka lounges. The area is especially busy during the evening, when you can socialize with many Iranian folks who have come here to enjoy the fresh air. But for lovers of nature and mountain climbers, there is a long way to take; it’s just as fun!


Oasis of Calm

If you want to discover the calm and quite part of the place, just walk up and after ascending nearly 1 kilometer, you find the city beneath your feet; so enjoy the serene environment and spectacular view! The best time for hiking is early in the morning. If you want to enjoy the peaceful environment of the mountain, go to Darband during weekdays (from Saturday to Wednesday). The further you climb, the more splendid natural views you will see. The sound of waterfall streaming down the rocky mountain and the fresh mountainous weather is inspiring enough to keep you busy hiking.

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