Also known as: Darake Recreation Area

Darakeh is an area in the north-western part of Tehran which consists of a village and numerous trails into the Alborz Mountains and mount tochal above. Apart from being a great place to cool down for those escaping the summer heat and Tehran’s pollution, the trails are what draws the crowd.

The Trails

All along the trails you can find fast moving streams and waterfalls created by thousands of years of melting snow that has made its way down to the base of the mountains to where Tehran lies.
One of the reasons behind the popularity of these trails here is that trekkers and travelers are presented with several open-air restaurants and tea houses where one can sit and rest on traditional beds, and indulge in some delicious Iranian cuisines, such as Kebab, Abgusht etc. However, you don’t get them wherever you go along the trail, so be well prepared and get what you need before you begin your hike.

Treat Your Taste Buds!

Don’t forget to try the traditional Iranian meals or sip some hot tea; and if you really want to blend in then have a go at the Ghelyan (hookah). Besides a number of common Iranian nibbles you can also find fresh almonds, berries, delicious Shahtoot or even mulberries. You can get all of these treats in almost any tradition restaurant and tea house you visit with friends; so no worries, just sit back and enjoy the natural scenery, traditional food, and the company of friends.

Cool off Wherever, Whenever!

When you have had enough of hiking and need to rest, you can stop just about anywhere along the trail and dip your feet into the ice cold water. It is extremely cold but exhilarating and will prove quite necessary if you’re fighting the heat.


Darakeh Virtual Tour

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