Dahan-e Gholaman

Also known as: Dahaneh-e Gholaman, Dahan-e Gholaman City, Dahaneh Gholaman

Zabol in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, southeast Iran and close to Afghanistan border, is known as the main setting for legendry epic book of Shahnameh. It is also known for its ancient city of Dahan-e Gholaman (Persian for Slaves Gateway) unveiled by seasonal sand winds.


Discovered by an Italian archeological team in 1960s, Dahan-e Gholaman has opened a new chapter on study of Achaemenid Empire (550–330 BC). Archeologists believe that the city used to cover a larger area than what has remained today. 
So far, archeologists has found 27 different types of building, with different size and different utilities. To the north of the city, there is a huge mansion, including 45 rooms; the mansion had only one entrance with massive pillars. And the biggest wall painting of Achaemenid Empire was found in this city. 
Besides, some ancient potteries, bronze spearheads and a temple have been unearthed, all clues that lead to Achaemenid Empire. 
What surprises archeologists the most is that no corps or graveyard was found in the city as if inhabitants had deserted the city for no known reason. 

How to Get There

As Zabol is located at the far eastern corner of the country, the best way to reach there is to take Tehran-Zabol or Tehran-Zahedan flights. Fortunately, there are regional flight corridors in the region, making it easy for visitors to flight to Zabol from Zahedan, Capital city of Sistan and Baluchestan Province. From Zabol, you have to take 41-kilometer ride to reach Dahan-e Gholaman. 

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