Church of Saint Mary

Also known as: Church of St Mary, Nane Maryam church, Hazrat-e Maryam church

Its History
The Church of Saint Mary (Nane Maryam Church) is believed to have been built in 32 AD, and is considered as one of the oldest churches in the world.  Some experts believe it is the second largest church in the world after Bethlehem church.


Fire Temple
According to Assyrian and Christian historians, the church used to be a Zoroastrian fire temple before the birth of Jesus Christ. It was later turned into a church for preaching Christianity. It was reconstructed by a Chinese princess back in 642. Her name has been engraved on the church wall.


Its Architecture
Experts believe that the architecture used in the existing building of the church dates back to the Sassanid era (7th century AD). The church has a very simple interior, featuring a combination of Sassanid and Parthian architecture. There are no decoration or painting inside the church. On the left and right sides of the entrance hall there are two corridors where Christian clerics and preachers have been buried. There is cellar on the right which is connected to a room through a narrow and short hall where holy bread was baked. The church has a fairly big courtyard.

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