Choghakhur Wetland

Also known as: Choghakhor wetland, Chaqa Khur, Chogha Khowr

There is an ideal place for professional and amateur anglers who expect to get a big fish to barbecue within a protected zone and experience one of the most delightful foods of their life.
Choghakhur Wetland, located in a nice meadow, three meters deep, 2300 hectare, in Boroujen township.
Once you are in Shahrekord, drive 65 km toward Khuzestan, you will see this combination of floating plants, migrant birds, rabbits, boars, wolfs, foxes and together with flamingos, Grebe, Baillon's crake, African Sacred Ibis, and Lapwing, Swans, Gull, Grey heron, White stork.

You may get there easily through asphalted road. A vast parking lot, drinking water, restaurant, coffee shop and accommodation facilities are available currently near the wetland but a project consisting hotel, villas and apartments are under construction. 150 villas & 23 apartments will be ready for nature lovers and anglers soon.
This 20 hectare touristic village also consists of trekking route, nomad tents (siyahchador, as nomads say) for ones willing to live in nomad environment. Spring and summer seasons are best to visit.


Ray-finned fishes from Mosquito fish family with its high genetic value and another fish named bride fish in local language, are also living in the wetland.
Pleasant weather, ever blue sky, fascinating landscapes, singing migrant birds, as well as fleshy fishes are the main characteristics of Choghakhur Wetland.
Most of the birds originating from Russia and northern Iran are migrating south bound to enjoy warm weather in Persian Gulf region but will remain in this wetland for a while to meet you before they hit the sky again for the final leg of their seasonal migration.

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