Chogha Zanbil

Also known as: Tchogha Zanbil, Chogha Zanbil ziggurat

Historical Significance
This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the most beautiful ancient monuments of Iran. The magnificent monument best epitomizes the Elamite-era architecture, and what is more impressive is the fact that the splendid structure contains the largest ziggurats in the ancient region of Mesopotamia. The Ziggurats had the shape of a terraced step pyramid, and the monument itself was basically stacked up stories which successively receded. Tons of adobes and thousands of bricks were used to build enormous structure. Among those countless bricks, some 5,000 of them contain inscriptions in Elamite language. The Elamites had built the monument as a temple for their gods. Despite its ancient age, the structure possesses many canals for drainage to protect it from heavy rain – now that’s something you might not expect from an ancient monument.


A Must-See Ancient Site
Even if you are not a fan of ancient monuments, you will not be disappointed. Feasting your eyes upon the colossal monument at daytime is one thing, but when darkness falls you are met with a much more magical structure, as you sit under the stars and gaze at the floodlighting that accentuates the structure’s form. Aside from its historical significance, Chogha Zanbil is surrounded by natural beautifully; therefore, you are bound to have a pleasant time as make your way to your destination.

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