Chehel Sotoun

Also known as: Chehel Sotoon Garden, Chihil Sutun Museum, Chehel Sotoun Palace

Illusory Pillars

Chehel Sotoon, Forty Columns in Persian, is a Safavid Palace and one of nearly 300 built in Isfahan in the 17th century when the city was the capital of Iran.
There are, in fact, only twenty columns gracing the entrance pavilion, but the reflective pool in front of it gives the illusion of twice that number.
The palace and its garden cover an area of approximately 67,000 sq. m. Entering the reception hall you will be bewitched by a stunning collection of frescoes and miniatures.
The upper part of the wall in the hall is decorated with three big oil color paintings that make you imagine the joyful life of 17th century aristocrats of Persia. Other paintings show famous historical scenes such as the battle of Chaldoran against the Ottomans in 1514 in which the Persians fought without firearms.

Veritable Museum  

This building is a precious museum of Persian painting and ceramics.
Opposing the palace is the musicians' pavilion. It appears that as the musicians played their instruments, the music traveled through the warm waters of the pool in the evening, towards the verandah of Chehel Sotoon, where the Shah and his guests sat in enjoyment.   
The surface of much of the throne room is still covered with mirrored glass. This was also used on the pillars to give the appearance of a roof floating in the air.
Watching from the majestic porches, you will notice stone lions at the four corners of the central pool.    
It seems that in the design of this building the Achaemenid style of spacious halls has been imitated.
Chehel Sotoon is among the 9 Persian Gardens registered by UNESCO on its World Heritage list.


Chehel Sotoon 360 degree video

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