Chak Chak Temple

Also known as: pir-e sabz fire temple, Chek Chek, Chāhak-e Ardakān

Zoroastrian Pilgrimage Site

Chak Chak Temple also known as Pire-Sabz fire temple is situated in the middle of a mountain which is fun if you like hiking. Chak Chak literally means drip-drip. The temple is named after "the ever-dripping" spring located in the mountain. It is considered as the most important Zoroastrian pilgrimage site in Iran. Every year, between 14 and 18 June, thousands of Zoroastrian pilgrims flock to the temple to take part in a religious festival. The temple is closed to non-Zoroastrians during the five-day ceremony, so it may be a down-side if you want to go inside during the ceremony.


The Legend

Legend has it that the temple is situated where the Sassanid princess NikBanou fled to after the Arab invasion of Iran and the collapse of Persian Empire in AD 637. In Zoroastrian belief, "the ever dripping spring" came into existence in response to Nikbanou's pleadings. There is also a huge ancient tree growing beside the "holy" spring which is believed to be Nikbanou's cane.


Dripping Grotto

To reach the mountain temple, you should climb up a steep hill. After passing through a bronze gate, you will find yourself inside a grotto in the temple, where there is a constant dripping from the roof. The smoke from the "eternal fire" has darkened the walls and the ceiling of the sanctuary, seen by many visitors as an ideal site for meditation!

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