Carpet Museum of Iran

The two-story museum, located in the North West of Laleh park, was inaugurated 1978. The extraordinary edifice pleases the eye both from inside and outside, due to the priceless Persian hand-made works of art and the astonishing architecture.


Carpet Collection

Carpet Museum of Iran brings together a precious collection of hand-made Persian carpets and rugs from all over the globe. The main gallery is located on the ground floor which is used for the permanent exhibition of Persian carpets. Visitors are able to feast their eyes upon almost 150 carpets and rugs with some as old as the 18th century. The carpets are organized based on different regions of Iran which is quite helpful. It is here one can have just a taste of what Iranian art has to offer. Each carpet here has a story: some being reflections of the emotions of the weaver, some portraits of nature and some depictions of tales derived from old epics of the Shahname. The museum also features a copy of the oldest hand-made carpet, the Pazyrik, which belongs to the 5th century BC. Make sure to have an expert beside you in case you don’t miss out any of the important details.


Astonishing Architecture

It’s not just the inside that is awe-inspiring. The architecture will also have you amazed; the exterior of the structure is intended to resemble a carpet weaving loom, and at the same time designed to cool down the main building by casting shades on the outer wall. Therefore, it is a perfect place to both cool down and treat your eyes to artistic splendor when faced with the summer heat.


Surprise, Surprise!

But that’s not all; the second floor is used for temporary exhibitions of carpets, kilims, and carpet designs; which means you will be in for a different treat every time you visit. Who knows what you might come across each time you go. The center also provides you with all the information you need on carpets in its library. Feel free to surround yourselves around 7000 books all to do with carpets.

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