Boroujerdi House

Also known as: Khaneh-ye Borujerdiha, Borujediha House, Borujerdis House of Kashan

Boroujerdi House (Boroujerd's house), the biggest house in Kashan, was built about 130 years ago in reign of Qajar dynasty (1857) by Iranian famous architect Ustad Ali Maryam. The owner was Haj Seyed Hasan Natanzi, a well-known merchant who mostly dealt with people of Boroujerd city. That’s why the house is known as Boroujerd's House.

The building mainly has three storey with central courtyard. Architectural principles are well considered according to Kashan climate, so that in winter it is warm and in summer is cool. There are 3 tall wind catcher which one of them is a special symmetric arched with a pavilion on the upper side. Boroujerdi house has two courtyard namely Biruni which was the front yard for merchants and people who wanted to see the house owner, and Andaruni which was backyard only for the family and relatives.

The construction and adornments took about 18 years by endeavor of 150 craftsman and is one of the masterpiece of Iranian architecture.


Boroujerdi House Virtual Tour

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