Bazaar of Tehran

Also known as: Tehran's Grand Bazaar

Steeped in History

The several-hundred year old Bazaar is situated at the heart of Tehran and is seen as Iran’s main trade center. The traditional market is also viewed as a museum showcasing the history of the capital. There are mosques, vaults, and the small crossroads surrounded by shops whose external walls are either covered with colorful tiles or clays. The original bazaar was established hundreds of years ago and was split mainly by four professions including tent makers, weavers, saddlers and horseshoe makers. Such division developed through the time and still exists in Bazaar, though there is no distinct border nowadays.

Hustle and Bustle of Bazaar

One can deeply feel the Persian culture and lifestyle by strolling along the lively atmosphere and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the bazaar. People from all walks of life in Tehran occasionally go to Bazaar, might do a little bit of shopping, get a carriage ride, and eat in one of the several well-known restaurants out of which there are often dozens of meters of queues. If shopping is done quickly, visiting the historical monuments and palaces is a must, as the rulers’ citadels were all located in the Bazaar area during Safavid, Zandiyeh, and Qajar dynasties.

It Never Ends!

Bazaar of Tehran is composed of numerous intersecting corridors as long as 10 kilometers. It is an enjoyable experience to wander the alleys of the bazaar. For many people who go to Bazaar, shopping is the last thing in mind, as they enjoy the nostalgia and the lively spirit of the environment.


Bazaar of Tehran Virtual Tour

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