Badab-e Surt

Also known as: Badab Soort Natural Spring, Badab-e Surt

Badab literally means gassed-water and Surt is the name of the nearby village. Badab-e Surt was registered as Iran's second natural site back in 2008. There are two springs whose water gathers in small natural pools on the mountainside cascading through stepped travertine terraces believed to have been formed thousands of years ago. Such rare sites are also located in the US, Turkey and New Zealand.


Believe Your Eyes!

The eye-catching natural site comprises two mineral springs which follow through a range of stepped travertine terraces, creating a mind-boggling natural scenery. Red and yellow travertine terraces which contain iron carbonate have given an incredibly beautiful golden color to the water. The best time to visit the Mineral springs is at sunrise or sunset when the reflection of sunlight creates an incredible setting.


Time for Splashing Around

Roll up your trousers and step in. You will find many Iranian families and tourists splashing about!   
Visiting this mountain site will definitely leave an unforgettable memory for those nature lovers. There is a small village near the natural site where you can spend the night and enjoy the starry crystal-clear sky!

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