Babak Fort

Also known as: Pāpak Fort, Babak Castle


The ruins of the castle lie on the top of a steeped cliff, with the walls of the fort seen from distance. The epic monument was used as a stronghold by Babak Khoramdin, a 9th century Iranian revolutionary leader who fought against Abbasid Caliphate for more than 20 years. The castle itself is believed to have been built during the Sassanid era (224 AD to 651 AD).

Rocky Pass

The building of the fort includes two and three-story structures. It includes a main hall, several rooms and a water cistern.  To reach the castle, you should climb a narrow rocky pass which has been constructed in a way that only one person can pass through it. In order to enter the fort, you should get through the gate since the castle is inaccessible from other parts of the mountain as it has been surrounded with steep valleys. Legend has it that 20 soldiers were able to protect it against thousands of invading forces because of its unique location. It was probably due to the strategic location of the castle that allowed Babak and his followers resist any army invasion for more than two decades.

Fabulous View

Ascending the hill takes nearly three hours. The mountainous route through high rocks is dangerous. The fabulous view from atop the castle is definitely worth the arduous climb. Stand in the middle of Babak Fort and marvel at the glory of the monument and enjoy the silence.

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