Atashgah Fire Temple

Also known as: Marabin Fire Temple of Zoroastrian, Isfahan Atashgah, Esfahan Atashkadah

Marabin Fire Temple or Atashgah Fire Temple is an archeological complex dating back to Sassanid era (224–651B.C). This fire temple is located on a hill about 10 kilometers west of Isfahan downtown. Zoroastrians believed fire as a symbol of Ahouramazda (Zoroastrians deity), so they believed a fire in a fire temple must be burning forever. Atashgah Fire Temple is an amazing one because of the architecture. It is built from adobe bricks and mud, putting up straw and mud between the bricks to tight them stronger. The building has a round structure in exterior view and an octagonal structure in internal view. There are seven windows in seven sides of building and a portal at the eighth side. So the fire could be seen from any external view.

There were other rooms and buildings next to the fire temple, which has been destroyed completely.

The hill has very beautiful perspective of Isfahan, so that you can see Isfahan at a gallance.

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