Armand River

Also known as: Karun Oliya River

It is most probably Iran’s leading river tourism destination. It meanders through steep hillsides, deep ravines and colorful gorges into a whimsical world waiting to be explored. For rafting and eco-touring, the river is the most sought-after destination in Iran.      



The river takes in 50 percent of tributaries in the Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari province. It receives runoff from melt water and rain which flows into Iran’s famous Karoun River on the way to the Persian Gulf.  



The river runs its course through stunning valleys festooned with oak trees and promontories towering overhead. Numerous waterfalls, water caves and springs set the rhythm of wildlife characterized by a pristine beauty and wholeness. From the distance, you can catch a stunning view of a magnificent line of mountains and rolling green hills in dappled sunlight. The sloping grounds heave into sight with patches of herds grazing in blissful abandon.



Whether visiting for tours, day trips or sports, there is more than enough to explore and enjoy. On your way, you can venture into some of those black tents in the vicinity and indulge in the simple, serene and innocent life of friendly nomads. The adventure is worth trying and may mark the highlight of your visit.


Adrenaline Rush

If you like to challenge yourself on an intrepid adventure, there is something on your way. The village of Do Polan, with its rugged rocks and steep gorges, has a site for bungee jumping. On your trip to Armand River, you are not watching the spectacle unfold; you become part of it.

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