Ardeshir Palace

Also known as: Ardeshir Babakan Castle, Firuz Abad Atashkadeh, Firuzabad Fire Temple

Here is the first Iranian arched dome elaborately built in Ardeshir Palace. Ardeshir Babakan (180–242 AD), the founder of Sasanid dynasty ordered to build the mansion in Iranian style which is located in Fars province.

The architecture includes nested corridors, four mansions with domes. It was built in two official and residential parts which the official inspired large open Iwan from Ashkanid empire, while it ends at a domed lobby distincts it from Achamanid and Ashkanid styles.

As most of Iranian architecture the materials are supplied from local area including stone and gypsum. The interior ornamentations are mostly destroyed but probably similar to Persepolis. Ardeshir Palace as the first Sasanid one became a model for the subsequent ones.

There was a small river near the palace which made it more green, also Ardeshir ordered a fire temple near the river so that four states of matter including Earth, Water, Air and Fire sat together giving a special distinction to Firuzabad fire temple. The palace is currently in UNESCO tentative list.

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