Arasbaran Protected Area

Also known as: Qaradağ, Jangalhaye Arasbaran, Arasbaran jangle

At north west of Iran bordering with roaring Aras river and majestic Zagros mounts, 3 climate meet each other, including Caspian, Caucasian and Mediterranean. Also the height ranging from 256 to 2896 meters,the average temperature of 10 degree Celsius and the average 300-millimeter rainfall have made Arasbaran area one of the most particular areas not only in Iran but also in the world. Arasbaran is a uniqe area due to its ecological, cultural, historical, political and economical situation. It has breaded about 1000 types of flora and about 300 types of fauna, which some of them exclusively grow in Arasbaran area,  so that UNESCO has inscribed it as a biosphere reserves.
The average rainfall (300- 450 mm) is not enough for such a jungle, but thick fog and high humidity called hidden rainfall supplies the requiered waterwhich is about 750 mm, maybe this diversity of water supply caused diversity of flora and fona in this area.
Some of plant species  includes Hornbeam tree,Yew tree, sumac and Berberis. If you are interested to taste Donbalan mushroom(a very delicious expensive truffle), you can find it in Arasbaran protected area too!
Some of birds species includes Caucasian Black Grouse(in danger of extinction) , Grey partridge, Common pheasant and some of mamals  species includes wild goat, wild boar, brown bear, gray wolf, leopard, Caspian red deer.
Furthermore to exotic biosphere, Arasbaran has famous  monuments like Babak fort and many cultural property like nomads and their handicrafts truely worth to see!

Due to importance of the area, visitors are only allowed to visit specefic regions.

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