Apadana Palace

Also known as: Susa Apadana Palace, Kakh-e Apadana-e Shush, Kakh-e Apameh, Kakh-e Bargah

Apadana means the palace with columned hall, there are two Apadana which Darius (Achaemenid king, 586-549 BC) ordered to build in Shush(Susa) and Persepolis.

The Apadana in Shush was built on the ruins of Elamite civilization as Darius winter palace. It includes the main hall, 3 central courtyard, the harem and the gate, while the walls are made by glazed bricks with designs of winged lions and Lotus flower on them.

The Apadana of Shush was destroyed during Alexander kingdom (356-323 BC). Today ruins of Apadana is kept as a UNESCO world heritage in Shush.

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