Amir Nezam House

Also known as: Qajar Museum, Amir Nezam Garousi Mansion

Tabriz, one of the largest cities in Iran, used to be hosting Qajar Dynasty crown princes. Due to this fact, the city is full of magnificent mansions and majestic historical houses, one of which is Amir Nezam House. Named after its owner, Amir Nezam Garousi, the mansion is an elegant reminder of Qajar Dynasty (1785-1925) in Tabriz.


Amir Nezam Garousi was a politician and scholar during Qajar Dynasty. It is believed that he was the one who imported minting and printing machines and stamps into Iran. Serving under Nassereddin Shah Qajar (re. 1848-1896), then the king of Persia, he built the mansion as his residence in Tabriz. 
Making to the date, despite the fact that through the passage of time, most parts have collapsed, the mansion was put into different uses, from regional treasury office and cultural office during Pahlavi Dynasty (1925-1979) to Qajar museum nowadays. 


Covering a total area of 3000 square meters, its foundation is 1500 square meters and consists of two stories; on its balcony there are 16 pillars, each having such an elegant pillar heads. Besides water fountains and ponds, the mansion has two separate yards, interior and exterior. 
The colorful panes and lattice windows manifests its heydays. The interior design of the mansion includes stuccos and interior mirroring reflecting Iranian arts and artistry. 


Registered as one of Iran’s National Cultural Heritage in 1991, it, then, turned into a Qajar museum. Reflecting the era of Qajar Dynasty, the first floor of the museum includes coin, knitting, porcelain, glassware, metals, music instruments and Khatam Halls.  
On the basement, the museum houses many other objects including rocks, armory, then politicians’ records and executive orders, locks and lantern. 

How to Get There

Being placed in downtown, near Sheshgolani district, it is easy to get a cab from almost everywhere in Tabriz to get to the museum. Being located in Northwest of Iran, Tabriz is close to Turkey's borders. 
It is to be noted that there are several daily flights from major cities to Tabriz, making it easy to fly to Tabriz from everywhere in Iran.
To drive to Tabriz, you have to take Tehran-Tabriz freeway, being a 630-kilometer drive. The road trip covers some of Iranian historical and natural tourist attractions such as Soltaniyeh Dome in Zanjan.  

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