Amir Chakhmaq Complex

Also known as: Mirchakhmaq complex, Chakmaq complex, Tekieh e Amir Chakhmagh

One of the most famous attractions of Yazd is Mirchakhmaq complex, which is completed during centuries from Teymorid era (1370–1507) to Safavid era (1501–1736).

Mirchakhmaq was the ruler of Yazd at Shahrukh reign (1377-1447), who built some public buildings such as square, public bath house, mosque (which is also known as New Jameh Mosque) and other buildings, with the cooperation of his wife, Seti Fatemeh Khatoun.

So the complex is named Mirchakhmaq in honor of him, and it is also known as Amirchakhmaq. The mosque is probably the most amazing part, located in the southern part of the square. The front door of mosque has a marble stone tableau, relating the dedication of the mosque to public.

The subsequent ruler was Haj Qanbar Jahanshahi, who constructed the bazaar and caravanserai.

The most famous part of the complex, belongs to Haj Qanbar Jahanshahi time, is Mirchakhmaq Tekeyeh (an Iranian architecture structure which is built in religious sites for ceremonies like Ashura.)

Mirchakhmaq tekeyeh is a three-storey mansion which is the first of its kind because of skillfully facade which arched alcoves are built symmetrically. Two tall minarates are prepared in the center which the staircases makes the climber feel constriction.


While visiting Mirchakhmaq complex, you can visit a cistern  and a Nakhl (a huge handmade structure used during the Ashura ceremonies) too, The portal of Haj Qnbar bazaar is located behind the tekeyeh, you can find the Termeh (a type of handwoven cloth) and pastries cooking traditional cookies such as Baghlava (the Persian baklava). So don't miss it and take enough time to visit it. The building has extraordinary view at nights.

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