Alimastan Forest

Also known as: Alimestan Forest

Alimastan Forest, not far away from Amol City, is a lesser touched natural beauty. It fulfills your desire to be far from people, contemplate and enjoy the nature from birds’ singing and tall trees to broad plain full of flowers.
The forest’s high altitude makes its climate good even in summer. The best time to hike in the beautiful Alimastan Forest is spring, summer and early fall, but Alimastan Peak is a good choice for climbers in winter, too. Besides the forest itself with diverse flora and fauna and lots of springs and horses pasturing on the plain, the village is also worth visiting. The Alimastan village is on your way to the forest and right on the edge.

Alimastan Village

Like the forest, the village is also remote; local people get their water from the springs and their life depends on animal husbandry and agriculture. They make their own honey, dairy and cereals and some of them also make handicrafts.

Alimastan Peak

The Alimastan Peak has an impressive view of northern side of Damavand Mountain, the highest peak in the Middle East. Two big holes with depth of 10 meters are the other wonders of this peak. As the local fable goes these holes are traces of Rostam’s knee (the greatest heroes in Shahnameh, a 10th century epic book by Ferdowsi) when he wanted to drink from Caspian Sea. Emamzadeh Ghasem, a holy shrine for locals, is another site you can visit while trekking in Alimastan.

Activities to do

Besides trekking, hiking and camping, photographing unique and outstanding scenery and untouched nature can be on your list of must-do things.
Although dense mist is one of the fascinations of Alimastan Forest, at the same time it may cause even the local guides to lose their way, so don’t forget to carry your compass and necessary equipment when hiking here. 

How to get to Alimastan forest?

Alimastan is in Mazandaran Province in north of Tehran. To get there, take the Haraz road in the northeast of Tehran toward Amol and 20 km to Amol, take a sideway on the right. This approximately 160 km journey, takes almost 3 hours. During this journey, you can also enjoy the road itself with its amazing landscapes.
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