Ali Sadr Cave

Also known as: Alisadr Cave, Ali Saard Cave

Underground Labyrinth Water Halls

From outside it is impossible to imagine that such a large underground lake could be there. When you enter the limestone cave, you can see walls extending up to 40 meters high, as well as several large, deep lakes. The cave is about 11 kilometers long. Step inside and take a boat paddled and steered by the guides to go through the labyrinth water halls. There are incredible dripstones and helictites as well as large aragonite crystals.

Ancient History

Ali Sadr Cave is believed to have been originally discovered during the reign of Darius I (521-485 BC). This can be verified by an old inscription at the entrance of the tunnel. Also, animals, hunting scenes and bows and arrows are depicted on the walls and passages of the exit section, suggesting that primitive man used the cave as his residence. The 70 million-year-old cave was rediscovered in 1963 by a group of Iranian mountaineers.

Sound of Dripping Water

Take a deep breath and enjoy the cool weather inside the cave. The sound of dripping water echoed in the water halls gives you a great sense of relaxation.
When you reach the “Island”, try a bowl of hot Ash Reshteh (a type of traditional thick winter soup made of noodles and vegetable and bean and pea) available at the buffet.
There is an international hotel, as well a few restaurants offering traditional Iranian food. Don’t miss Dizi (hearty mutton soup thickened with chickpeas), which is served with traditional yogurt drink! Also there is an outdoor bazaar selling pots, statues, tea sets and many other specialty Iranian traditional items.

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