Alexander's Prison

Also known as: Ziyaeieh School, Eskandar Prison, Alexandera Prison

Ancient School

Legend has it that the building was built by Alexander the Great as a dungeon to detain a number of Persian elite defying his rule. However, experts say, despite its name, the structure has nothing to do with Alexander the Great or his prison. Alexander's Prison is indeed a school built by renowned mystic Zia-edin Hassan Razi back in the 15th century and was later completed by his sons. The domed structure is also known as Ziayeeh School.


Brick Dome

The brick dome of the ancient structure is 18 meters high. The dome used to be decorated with beautiful turquoise and golden inscriptions which have been mainly destroyed by the passage of time. However, the dome itself, has withstood the test of time. The courtyard is surrounded by three iwans. The ancient building features Azeri style architecture.


Desert Cellar

There is a 2 meter deep well right in the middle of the courtyard which leads down to a 5 meter deep cellar (which may be the reason why some believe the structure may have functioned as a dungeon at some point!).


Tea Time!

There is a cozy traditional teahouse near the historical building, where you can have a cup of tea as well a traditional Persian Hookah as you sit back and relax!

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