Alamut Fortress

Also known as: Castle of the assasins, Hassan Sabbah Fortress

The mountain castle of Hassan Sabbah (the leader Ismaili Shiites in Iran) can be traced back to hundreds of years ago. Between 1090 and 1256 AD, the fortress was used as a stronghold by Ismaili Shiites. It was destroyed during Mongols invasion in 1256 AD.


Eagle Nest

Given its unique geographical location, the castle was unconquerable. It has been built on a 200 meter high rock. The steep slope has made the castle practically inaccessible, giving the residents a bird’s-eye view. The castle included water reserves and interconnected cellars for preserving food supplies.


Tough Journey

Reaching the self-sustaining stronghold of Hassan Sabah and his followers is not easy. Get prepared for taking hundreds of steps. Be adventurous and climb the narrow steps. It is worth the distress. Once you reach the top, you will enjoy the breathtaking view.



Pass through the huge hole made in the mountain. The main gate and stairway to the Alamut fortress is still intact. Go down some steps and enter the basement where you can see a rocky hall where Hassan Sabbah and his people used to pray. Down there, you will wonder how they used to live there for years.

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