Akbarieh Garden

Also known as: Akbarie Garden, Baghe Akbarie


The two mansions in Akbarieh Garden were built in the 19 century during the Qajar dynasty. The garden itself covers an area of over 4,500 square meters in a mountainous village. The complex has been registered on Iran's National Heritage List.



There are two brick-made mansions in the garden. The architecture style used in the monuments is an amalgamation of Islamic and modern architecture. It is indeed a form of Turkish architecture inspired by Russian architecture. The mansions include a mirror hall, a dome as well as a balcony. They have been built on an elevated area of the garden, to take the best advantage of the picturesque view of the green space.


Persian Garden

Elements of a Persian garden which usually includes a courtyard, pool, as well as shade are all present in Akbarieh Garden. To reach the two-story mansion, you should stroll through a pass flanked by lofty pine trees. Walking around the garden is especially pleasant during hot summer days.


Museum & Teahouse

There is a museum inside the main mansion featuring samples of wild life belonging to south Khorasan region. There is also a traditional tea house in the adjourning building, an ideal place for drinking a cup of tea and enjoying the tranquil environment of the garden.

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