Ain-al-Rashid Caravanserai

Also known as: Eynorashid Caravanserai, Ein-al-Rashid Caravanserai

Ain-al-Rashid Caravanserai, sitting on the northern foot of Siahkooh, is one of the three desert lodges in this region. 86 by 47 meter. Another relaxation and refreshment site on the way of tired passengers, enthusiastic pilgrims and exhausted adventurers in the central desert of Iran.


The Famous Italian Trader in a Desert Palace in Iran!

Marcopolo has spent one night in Ain-al-Rashid Caravanserai, the lodge natives named it as “palace”
Here is what the Venetian trader and adventurer has written in his travelogue after describing the importance of these lodges:” Shah Abbass Safavi in spending much funds and trying his best to make Iran more beautiful and more developed. He wants his country well prepared for safer and better transportation and trade”

Chain Lodges in the Central Desert!

Qasr is the name of this complex. 3 Caravanserais made of stone and bricks, consisting of Shah Abbas Palace (Qasr-e Bahram Caravanserai), Ain-al-Rashid and Haramsara. The latter was once the private palace of Shah’s wives! But now it is a public lodge for tourists. Neighboring the Kavir National Park, the complex witnesses the herds of deers, gazelles and fawns together with colorful birds of this national park watching the visitors and a large group of French desert lovers hanging around on dunes and rocks in their new but dusty sport utility vehicles (SUVs). it is 21 Feb. 2015.

There is also the remaining part of a stone paved road (five meter wide and 35 km long). It was once playing a very important role, preventing caravans from being trapped in sticky mud on their way. This stone road is also a remembrance from Safavid dynasty.
These days many foreign tourists are visiting this attraction, enjoying the tranquil atmosphere in the desert. Soon at night time the sky will be well decorated with shining stars. It seems that they want to talk with the guests of desert… willing to open talk with you too.    


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