Afif Abad Garden

Also known as: Golshan Garden, Afifabad Palace, Baq-e Afifabad

One of the biggest weapon museums in the Middle East is locatated in this beautiful garden in Shiraz.

Golshan garden is a historical garden dating back to Safavid dynasty (1501–1736 AD), years later in Qajar era (1789–1925), Miss Afifeh (a Qajarian girl) rebuilt the garden and made a mansion inside it. That's why the garden is known as Afif Abad. It is one of the earliest gardens in Shiraz. That's the reason the building is pretty simple.

After revolution in Iran (1979) the Army changed it to the weapon museum, holding cold weapons and firearms including sword, armor, shield, spear, gun, hunting guns, machine gun, etc. Also there is a tea house ornate with Shahnameh poetry book of Ferdowsi on the walls. The public bath includes inscriptions of the famous poetry book of Nezami, Khosro va Shirin.


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