Abbasi Hotel

This grand building in Isfahan is a mosaic of the Iranian art and architecture. Built some 300 years ago, it is one of the oldest hotels in the world. It combines antiquity and a touch of traditional life with modernity and contemporary elegance with a subtle preservation of all their values.



The structure was initially built as a caravanserai during the time of the last Safavid shah. It was renovated and transformed into a hotel by French archaeologist and historian Andre Godard in the 1950s. You would be interested to know that the British film Ten Little Indians was shot here.



What makes Abbasi Hotel unique among the world's guesthouses is its captivating interior decoration. The entire structure is sumptuously ornamented and furnished in every detail. With its breathtaking wall paintings, mirror work, plaster decorations and enchanting arches, the building gives a touch of life enjoyed by Persian monarchs. The mansion's exterior is equally magnificent. It opens into a large courtyard where a Persian garden with the variety of its trees, flowers, fountains and a pool in the center creates an enthralling moment of bliss and relaxation.


What it has to Offer!

The hotel is superbly placed in the city center; it’s actually within walking distance of major landmarks of Isfahan. There is a teahouse which is an ideal place to hang out and socialize. Other facilities include a coffee shop, a business center, a Wi-Fi room, an indoor pool, sauna and gym. They are complementary to all the antique vestiges to make you comfortable and give you a pleasant stay.

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