Pahlavi Crown

An egret feather is sitting on a crown, which a combination of gold and silver, covers with 3380 pieces of diamond, five pieces of emerald and 368 rolling pearls. It is known as Taj-e Pahlavi. In 1925 Reza Shah (the founder of Pahlavi dynasty, 1878-1944) gave the order to a famous jewelry maker named “Serajedin-e Javaheri, the renowned Caucasian jeweler to make a crown for his coronation. This artist was the court jeweler to Amir of Bukhara, and had immigrated to Iran. The philosophy of this order was that Reza Shah did not like to wear the Kiani Crown of the toppled Qajars in the ceremony.

The crenellated edges of the crown on four sides were inspired by the Sassanid (224 to 651 AD) crowns. The total weight of the diamonds are 1144 carats, emerald is a bit more than199 carats, ruby and amethyst are 19 carats. All these together with other precious stones and the red velvet fabric covering the body plus the crown frame makes 2080 grams totally.
Pahlavi Crown is currently on display in the Treasury of National Jewels.


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