Marlik Cup

A group of archeologists headed by the Iranian expert Dr. Ezzatollah Negahban discovered this golden cup in “Cheragh-ali Tappeh” region near Roodbar city of Gilan province in 1961. The cup was found during excavations in an ancient graveyard dating 3000 years back.
At that era people believed in life after death and that was the reason why they have left some food and valuable objects inside the graves, apparently for deceased ones but actually for us to learn about that era.
Marlik Golden Cup is one of the artifacts we are talking about. It is about 18cm high and the diameter of the opening is 14cm, made from high-grade gold. Embossed motives of four winged cows are crafted on the body of the cup. The cows are leaning to palm trees two by two. The main characteristic of this artwork is the embossed heads of the cows on the body of the cup. The heads are hallow from inside, meaning that the cup is a seamless and concrete piece indeed.
A comprehensive research on this cup and other founds there suggests the powerful impacts of art and craftsmanship of Marlik civilization on others, mainly on Achaemenids and Medes.
Marlik Golden Cup kept in the Iran National Museum, is among the most beautiful cups have been found in that site, as per its motif, beauty and craftsmanship method.


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