Jewel Studded Globe

The Idea of making this Jewel Studded Globe came to the mind of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar (King of Iran from 1848 to 1896) in 1874 AD. He intended to inlay the loose gemstones on a globe made of gold in order to maintain them better and easier to track. The diameter of this glob is 66 centimeters and Iran, England and equator are marked with diamonds. Africa is shown in ruby and sapphire, Americas and Australia by sapphire and garnet, while oceans and seas are covered with emerald.

Mount Damavand (the highest peak of Iran) is marked with a large piece of shining ruby and the capital city Tehran with a famous emerald stone named "Aurangzeb".

Undoubtedly the skilled craftsmen and jewelers of that time were not good at geography, since the placement and the sizes and ratios of the seas and the countries on this globe is not precise! Also the imperial titles of Naser al-Din Shah are bejeweled with small pieces of diamond.

This globe is made of 34 kilograms pure gold and 151,366 pieces of jewels weighting 3656 grams, and the base is constructed of wood with a layer of gold. This artifact is currently kept in the Treasury of National Jewels.

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