Ancient Epigraphs of Chogha Mish

Oldest known Iranian habitat

Chogha Mish is considered as one of the oldest known habitats of civilized humans in Iran dating back to 6800 B.C. Archeological excavations have revealed the usage of clay by the people around 8000 years ago.


Development of writing

Chogha Mish hills are located in the city of Dezful. The found artifacts play an important role in revealing the secrets about the development of writing. Also, their importance is the evidence of an economic management in the urban society. An accounting system using clay tokens is evident which had later turned into pictograph and cuneiform writing system.


Returning home

Archeological excavations were carried out in these hills by Iran and the Oriental Institute of University of Chicago over half a century ago. During the Sixties, Many artifacts were transferred to the United States for further studies from which some of them have recently returned home. They are now on exposition in National Museum of Iran.

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