Bootimar House in Qehi

Ghehi Village, Isfahan-Naein Road, Isfahan, Iran

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This house in Ghehi Village near Isfahan is one of the Local Houses under uniform management and standards around the country. They have been well restored to regain the old native architectural characteristics of their own region. Considering the principals of sustainable development, such houses are now in the service for short or overnight stay of dear visitors. 
The very fisrt guest of the house was a fish eating bird named Little Bittern , that have come softly and nested there with peace of mind during the restoration work. 

Bootimar is the Persian name for this bird and this house is named Bootimar to reserve its rights, as the first post renovation dweller.
This 350 years old lodge is a national heritage, far from busy large cities, enjoying desert architecture and layout of Qajar style, 1400 sq. meters structure, including three court yards, 14 rooms, each for three to five guests.

Bootimar provides you with a perfect occasion to experience the simplicity of old time life style of locals, in tranquility and peacefulness of central desert of Iran plateau.
Foods in this house are all prepared from fresh local material and are homemade, a blend of local cuisines of the area and free from any preservative. Your hosts and hostesses  are wearing traditional dresses and your bedding is made of locally produced and home prepared cotton of the same village.
When in this house, you may attend a workshop in open space named Amooz Abad including trekking, outing and a short training course  of local artwork and plantation.


Key Facts:

Theme: Traditional
GroupName: Khooshe Sar Boomi
CheckIn: 14:00
CheckOut: 12:00

Important Rules:

1. Full payment is obligatory at the time of booking.
2. Check-in time at hotels is from 14:00 on arrival day.
3. Check-out time is up to 12:00 on departing day.
4. The reservation will be held till 24:00, on arrival date.
5. Early check-in and late check-out may result in extra charge by the hotel.
6. 5-year old children and older are regarded as adult.


1. To cancel your booking please email us at
2. There is no standardized cancellation policy for hotels in Iran. Cancellation policy may change according to destination, hotel, hotel supplier, seasonality in tourism demand and even different rooms in a hotel. So, to learn about the hotel-specific cancellation policy please contact us at
3. No shows will be charged at 100% of the cancelled reservation value.
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